Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How rotating shift schedule can double productivity

Rotating shifts require an employee to work at different times based on the type of work required. The shift cycle can be weekly or quarterly and hours between day shifts, night or overnight shift. Employee who works in the morning shift for the 3 consecutive days in a row may rotate to do the afternoon shift for the following days. This shift pattern helps to distribute shifts in desirable hours and less desirable hours between employees.

Productivity is a major concern when dealing with rotating shifts. Ensure that employees have sufficient time of rest between shift. An Employee who is over-scheduled and does not have enough of rest may affect productivity and increase the chance of employee burnout.

Rotation shift are commonly seen in hospitals, construction work, manufacturing sector, hotel, restaurant and, etc. These industries are required to operate their business more than 12 hours or even 24 hours a day. So rotating shift ensures that their business runs efficiently and employee is able to perform at optimal levels without undue stress.

How shift can double productivity
Industries that run their business 24 hours require employees to work nights and other work days. There may be two or more shift turnovers per day.
  • Can keep all operating hours covered while still giving employee regular time off.
  • Production disruptions that may occur during shift changeover period will reduced.
  • Increased productivity with low error and accident rates.
For restaurants, rotation shifts will be able to foster a productive team by rotating employees to work the higher paying shift and less-desirable shifts. It gives everyone a chance to work on both high-dollar shift and less desirable one.
  • It gives all employees the opportunity to learn how to work during peak hours
  • It keeps employees engaged because they know they will have their share of busy shifts.
  • Employer has time to train their employee without disruption to the “busy hours”. Manager can train during less busy hours.
Other benefits
Employees are able to spend more time with family and friends and will be able to run errands that they normally won’t be able to complete.

Use right tool to help your organisation in scheduling.
You need a right tool to help you in your scheduling system whether you are in fixed shift schedule or rotation shift schedule. 247shift makes complicated rotating shift schedule easy. The cloud–based schedule, time-off request and shift pattern can be easily managed and added to your system. The system even provides warning for shift conflicts. 247shift is the best tool to simplify your scheduling process.