Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Best practice for scheduling hourly employees

Hourly employees often feel that they are less valuable than salaried employees. How can you avoid that? Here are the best practices that you may wish to follow to boost happiness among your hourly employees.

Post schedules 2 weeks in advance
Posting schedules less than a week to actual shift hours may pose a problem for hourly rated workers. It may be difficult for them to plan their work life or family life ahead. If they unable to plan their shift in advance, their work-life balance is compromised. By creating your hourly rated employees schedule in advance, they can integrate with their personal work life and other obligations and make arrangement to swap shift early if needed.

Shift change request
Flexibility for hourly employees is important. Try to accommodate employee request if they need a specific day free or shift change. Shift change is inevitable. Hourly rated employees may have to juggle with work, school, or family. Provide your employee with a convenient and reliable way to submit their shift change request and make it easier for everyone.

Deadline for time-off
Flexibility is good for hourly employees when they need a specific day off. However, without setting any deadline for change requests to be made, hourly employees can simply change their schedule anytime or even at the last minute. Therefore, posting deadlines for all schedule requests should be incorporated when you are managing your schedules.

Maintain a list of employee shift preferences
Create schedules based on the employee preferences. Give them the opportunity to schedule or swap their shift for given timelines. Your employees may include students, part time employees’ housewives, and retirees. Having their availability and shift preference will be a great help.

Create standards for on-call procedures
Falling sick, getting into an accident, getting stuck in traffic, etc are sometimes unavoidable. It will be helpful to create a list of employees that can be called upon to fill the shift for such “emergency” situations.

Create scheduled templates
Having scheduled templates will free you up for other responsibilities. It will also allow you the flexibility to modify/reallocate staff resources more efficiently as and when it is needed.

List responsibilities on the schedule
Create a list of responsibilities of your employee, and make sure their work scope are not duplicated. When duties are understood, expectations will be clear. This is important for employees to perform their duties when on shift.

Scheduling doesn’t have to be an overwhelming part of the job. 247Shift makes it easy for hourly employees to access their shift schedules easily, whether on desktop or mobile devices, and in turn saves everyone lots of time.