Friday, September 9, 2016

Printable shift schedule template for staff shift scheduling.

Stop using pen and paper to draw an employee shift schedule. Go digital with 247shift scheduling system! You are able to manage your schedules online and even be export them to printable formats such as pdf, excel, and image (png format).

Making a schedule change using pen and paper is not only time-consuming. It is also prone to errors. To make your workload less stressful, manage your staff shift scheduling online when you are planning the day to day work schedule.

#Tips for the printable shift schedule template for staff shift scheduling.

Step 1: Assign shift schedule.
You are allowed to assign and swap your schedule. To assign shift schedule, simply click on the column/calendar slots to add your schedule. You can add, edit, copy and delete your shift easily without  having to input your shift all over again.

Step 2: View and print your schedule.
When you have completed adding the schedule, you can print  it by clicking schedule view, my schedule, and common schedule. The Print button is located  at the top-right corner of your schedule view. You can print your schedule in multiple formats and export it to pdf, excel, and image (png format).

The printable template of shift scheduling helps to keep your employee’s schedule manageable in the short span of time.