Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hotel and hospitality shift scheduling

Hotels have a variety of job positions that require scheduling of employees with multiple shifts to cover for housekeeping staff, full-time and part-time workers when there are peak business days. Managers have to consider labor rules, time-off requests and personnel availabilities when managing work schedules.

A well planned shift roster is a very important key to employee satisfaction. Shift scheduling allows staff to get sufficient time to note their working schedule for the week or month. Employees (managers and staff) can save scheduling time, improve efficiency, and strike a work-life balance for everyone.

How will it help?

Always accessible for staff 24/7
Hotels never sleep because they have to meet demand of its guest every hour of everyday. Web-based scheduling allows manager and employee instant access to schedules, swap shifts as well as to apply/approve time-off request, anytime from website or mobile. Focus should be on providing a quality and memorable experience to guests instead of spending time and effort on manual scheduling.

One stop consolidated view
Dashboard provides a quick overview of all shift and leave activities. Schedule view by day, week and month will help the manager to view staff availability by location and time period.

Real time reports
Management team is able to generate reports in real time to monitor staff resource utilization. All reports are viewable on screen and exported to pdf, excel, and image (png format)

The data collected is updated in real-time, employee and the management team l can easily update and track their records online. Try our 247Shift scheduling service to see how well it meets your hospitality staff scheduling needs.