Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Schedule Shift Pattern

Our platform provides Shift Pattern Templates to help you design suitable shifts for selected roles and functions. Plan your shifts weeks ahead and still have the flexibility to modify and redeploy staff resources as and when needed.
No more worries about the scheduling conflict. System will prompt any scheduling conflicts to prevent misallocation and reduce the complexity of scheduling across multiple locations and time slots. Specify the optimum staff mix and check the optimum number of employees for a particular shift.

Most organizations arrange the shift rosters based on pre-determined cycles. Example - 5 days morning + 2 days off followed by 5 days evening + 2 days off.

Go ahead and start putting up your schedules!

#Tips for creating scheduling template

Step 1: Add shift Pattern
Click on shift pattern under “maintenance on the menu. Specify the number of days and give the shift pattern a name. Setup your shift pattern days with details and color code for easy viewing.

Step 2: Assign shift schedule
Go to menu “schedule”, click on assign shift schedule. Add shift or apply shift pattern by clicking on calendar slots. You can copy, edit and delete your shift pattern as well as overwrite existing shift pattern easily.System will prompt and highlight when there is a conflict during the shift assignment. 

Staff, supervisor, and managers are able to view shift schedules. With the overview of the schedule, you will always be in touch with your team's availability.