Thursday, September 20, 2018

Flexible work Schedule

Flexible work schedule is less rigid if comparing with fixed schedules. Employees are required to work for the number of hours/days of the week they have committed to the company. Employees may even be allowed to work from home or work remotely from any location where mobile is available, so that they can communicate electronically with co-workers.

Majority of the millennial generation today have done away with the 9-5 workday entirely. With digital technology that allows them to work anytime and anywhere, they want a job with flexible hours which they have complete control over their schedules.

Why do Millennial want a job with flexible hours rather than a fixed schedule job?

Balance work and non-work responsibilities.
It benefits employee who are raising families, pursuing higher learning and other vocations, hobbies or balancing multiple jobs. By managing their time better, employees can maintain a work-life balance and reduced stress, as they find more time to attend to family and personal matters. They can spend time with family and friends during usual work hours and are able to run errands that they normally are unable to complete. Employees who are closely connected to their parents; are likely to be involved in caring for them as they age.

Build trust between employees and manager
Employees take ownership of getting the job done even on an irregular schedule. It helps build trust between employees and manager. Depending on their schedule, they can work at their most productive and most convenient hours, increasing job satisfaction and productivity of the work.

The Flexible schedule can benefit both the employee and manager. It gives employees a bit more freedom with their time while providing employers with some benefits of their own. However, flexible schedule also come with disadvantages. It depends on the industry you work for and the job nature of the work itself. Not all industries are suitable for flexible work schedule.

But we can’t deny the world is evolving slowly to flexible workplace. Evolving to a flexible workplace? We’re not there yet. Is your company ready for the change?