Monday, January 16, 2017

Go paperless with 247Shift Scheduling.

Technology today has slowly transformed overflowing files cabinets into an organized digital format.
Companies are going paperless as a savvy business decision to improve productivity, reduce cost, improve security and help the environment.

Here are some of the reasons why your business should go paperless. Let the transition help you improve and add value to your business.


Automation of shift scheduling means spending less time on data input and increasing your data accuracy levels by reducing human errors. Errors in paper form data entry can be due to errors in handwriting or misinterpretation. Automated workflow makes processes faster, easier to handle and more accurate.

Improved Efficiency
Going Paperless improves the productivity and efficiency of an office. All important information and documents can be covered digitally. You can back up or store them online. You do not have to search through thousands of files to obtain the information. Simply press CTRL + F to find and information can be shared instantly.

Improves security
Storing and backing up documents on cloud hosting provider eliminates the need to carry sensitive documents out of the office. All access to the system is encrypted using SSL. Shift records are accessed base on the roles and organization hierarchy.

Save money
A paperless office obviously buys less paper. Think about how much you spend each month on paper, ink, postage and other supplies that support a paper-heavy office.

Save space
Space that is used to store all the physical supplies and actual documents can be condensed into two gigabytes of neatly organized file on a hard drive.

Go green
Going paperless is an environmentally conscious decision. By transforming your organization into a paperless organization, you can save trees and forests while you save money on paper, ink, postage and other supplies at the same time. Do your part to save the environment!

#Did you know?
A tree can produce 17 reams of paper on average and takes about 100 years to grow. A ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees. 17 reams of paper release 110 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.