Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Technology helps you save time

With the available technology today, 247Shift's scheduling solution saves you a lot of time. You can access all the information from a single storage place [Cloud Hosting] everywhere you go [Mobile]. All important information and documents can be covered digitally [Computer]. Errors in handwriting or misinterpretation can be reduced. With the fast and accessible technology, it helps to improve productivity, reduce cost, improve security as well as help the environment.

Shift scheduling that is managed by the manager can be shared with all employees or by sending notification via email to the employee that is affected by the shift change. Staff availability is monitored by the manager from a single location. You can track and monitor productivity by location, department or staff role with the system. The built in reports can help you identify the effectiveness of your staff deployment. You do not need to consolidate the information manually. The system allows for export of shift related information that can be used for staff/management discussions, planning and payroll easily.

[Cloud Hosting]
An Online based solution has many advantages over your computer based software. A web browser is all you need to have in place. Online based browser does not require special software. All important information and documents can be backed up or stored in the cloud-based system. You do not have to search through thousands of files to obtain employee information. You can easily access to your employee information with the search function and information can be shared instantly. Your data is protected with encryption and backed up daily.

Managers are able to review and approve staff leave requests while out of office. Staff availability can be accessed anytime, from your mobile devices or desktop.

Staff are also able to check and access their schedules from their mobile devices (phone/tablet). Applying for leave request via mobile or tablet can be done anywhere at any time. Both, manager and staff do not have to go back and forth to check staff availability or approve staff request from the office. Thus, saving time for both parties.