Thursday, June 21, 2018

Creative ways to hire hourly rated employees

The turnover rate for hourly rated employees can be extremely high because hourly employees are usually younger people who have no problem moving from one job to another. How do you attract the right people to work with you as hourly rated employees for long?

Hiring the right people and giving them training is equally important. First of all, where you can find the right person in your hiring process?

Reach out to more people – local Colleges
Put up job placements in local colleges and universities. Students usually want to make extra for pocket money and spend their free time when on school holidays. They may have more flexibility in their schedules and be willing to learn new skills.

Online Resources
Recruiting online is a great way to find hourly candidates. There are many job posting platforms in the market. You can look at like recruitment websites, Mobile apps and social media that is suitable to find your hourly employee. Make sure that your posted recruitment ads are easy for people to find you and importantly, that it is easy for them to apply.

Look for current employees and friends that you already trust for new hourly employees. Offer referral bonuses for employees who recommend candidates.

Job Fair
Job fair is another way that allows you to meet potential candidates in person. You’ll get to meet them face to face, rather than go through their resumes. Job fair allows you to target a certain demographic like veterans, retirees, college students and career-changers.

Getting the right people is not easy. Before you reach out, make sure you have all the job scope listed in details. You will have a greater chance of getting the right person who will fit into your business.

The hiring process does not stop there, onboarding them the right way is equally important. Onboarding is not just having a new employee meet the team and start work. You have to provide them with training and mentoring in order for them to perform their task efficiently.

Training is a key to retain your hourly rated employee. Training process is continuous. It is good to have the first few paid days used strictly for training purposes. Let employees familiarise with the job function, and environment of the workplace before get ready for the job. Provide an experienced employee as mentor for the new staff, to help and guide the new employee catch up with new duties and tasks.

To retain your hourly rated employees for long term, don’t treat them as if they are expendable. You will need to put in effort, investing time and effort to nurture your employees and help them grow. They definitely will stay with you for long!

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