Wednesday, November 22, 2017

6 essential features you should have in your shift scheduling

No idea what best fits your shift scheduling or a smarter way of handling your employee scheduling? We have listed 6 essential features that a well designed scheduling solution can’t be without.
6 Essential features you should have in your shift scheduling
1. Time Clock
247Shift’s time clock eliminates your frustration of an outdated time clock with a time card punched into a time clock. Smart time clock data collected is updated in real-time. Employee can clock in/clock out from specific time clock locations at their work computers or on their mobile devices. Manger and HR can eliminate errors in data entry and reduce the number of inaccuracies. Companies are able to make better use of resources, resulting in cost savings.

2. Schedule Shift pattern
How much time do you spend on copying, printing and sharing the updated shift schedule every week? 247Shift makes your scheduling process a lot smarter. Our system provides shift templates that are suitable for your selected roles and functions. System will prompt any scheduling conflicts to prevent misallocation and reduce the complexity of scheduling across multiple locations and time slots. Scheduled templates will help you save a lot of time. Sharing the schedules with your employees does not require printouts, eliminating mistakes and resulting in cost savings.

3. Web-based solution
247Shift enables everyone access from computers, phones and tablets. You do not need any special software to be installed in your computer. This enables you and your employees to work anytime, anywhere. It also allows the flexibility of making changes to the schedule anywhere at any time! Your data is safe. It is encrypted using SSL and backed up daily.

4. Mobile
the best employee scheduling systems have taken this into account, making sure that your shift scheduling system is both online and mobile. With a mobile scheduling, you will be able to handle shift swaps, shift requests and communication from your phone anytime, anywhere you go. No more excuses for “not being able to check the shift".

5. Powerful reporting
Information is stored online. Real-time reports can be easily generated and the data analyzed. You do not need to consolidate the information manually to produce a report. The report is readily available on a click, so you can quickly see a breakdown in the visual reports. You can even export shift reports to Excel for meeting and discussion purposes easily.

6. Payroll
247Shift allows you to export shift related information to MS Excel format which are supported by popular payroll software packages. It helps to eliminate errors and free up resources for other tasks.

There are still more feature you can find in our 247Shift system. Click here to view more.