Monday, August 29, 2016

Online Staff Shift Scheduling has never been easier.

Shift scheduling need not be a chore. Intuitive calendars provide an overall view of staff availability. Staff allocations across time and location can be easily added to the schedule. You can save the shift patterns, and even copy and paste your shift allocations until you are completely satisfied and ready to use them.

Scheduling helps you free up your time and plan your schedules more accurately.

1.Avoid Schedule Conflicts

247Shift automatically checks if there is an optimum number of managers, supervisors and staff talents for a particular shift. System will prompt and highlight any scheduling conflicts.

2.Multiple View Option

You are able to filter the view by location, department, designation or staff. With an overview of the schedules, you will always be in touch with your team availability.

3.Monitor Staff Availability

Dashboard provides a quick overview of all shift and staff availability. Availability status is color coded to provide for easy viewing.

4.Drag and Drop Scheduling

Easy to use drag & drop schedules gives you an overview of the staff availability. You can see what jobs are still unscheduled and drag and drop them on to the time slots that are still available.

5.Swap Shifts

You are able to swap shift with another employee that has a shift within the same location, department and dessignation.

6.Create standard Shift Pattern

Create standard shift patterns which are suitable for selected roles and functions. Just click "apply shift pattern" on your staff slots. This helps to speed up your scheduling process.