Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The impact of trends in shift scheduling

Shift scheduling is widely used in organizations such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, customer service, and manufacturing. These organizations require longer operation hours and maintenance; and some even require 24 hour operations. The manager has to ensure that all staff work efficiently and cost effectively for business success.

Today, the ways in which organizations conduct their business is constantly changing and evolving. The trends are gradually shifting to mobile workforce for some sectors, an interesting change for innovative workplace concepts and trends. Let us take a look at the trends that impact today's workforce.


Most people have a Smartphone today. Mobile becomes the platform for communication, flexibility, and speeds up communication between staff and the company. Shift scheduling Shift scheduling systems help to automate the assignment of shifts, track and monitor staff attendance. As the system is mobile friendly, it allows staff, supervisors and human resource to focus on their core duties.


The on-demand economy becomes a serious competitor to shift scheduling today especially for the hourly shift staff. Shift staff has the flexibility to choose the work from multiple sites which we can see from many emerging food delivery services today. They can instantly match the flexibility of the platform provided.

Increased flexibility

With shift scheduling system, the manager can track staff schedule and attendance in multiple places. Staff who work from home or working while they commute to work can manage their shift scheduling online instantly with the system.

Cost saving
Scheduling tool does the calculation to ensure your payroll compensation is within budget with the integration of attendance records. Processing payroll can take some time, but with this integration, HR is able to make use of existing resources, resulting in cost savings.

Shift scheduling software is a great tool. It makes scheduling easier for you to plan and track your staff resources across multiple shift periods by department, location and staff roles. No expensive investment in hardware. It is hosted on the internet and accessible from any computer, smartphones or tablets. There’s no reason not to have scheduling software.

Not all shift scheduling trends are suitable for all business models. They each have their own benefits and strengths. Explore some of these trends with 247Shift and look for a way to streamline your business.